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Truly natural 真實的天然

How do you define natural cosmetics? Is it enough to put the word “natural” on the label? In today’s world, where there are many products claiming to be “organic,” the name alone is not enough. “Natural” and “organic” products can still incorporate a wide variety of chemicals which are harsh on your body, and the environment. The foundations of Bodhi’s products are essential oils and pure plant extracts – the most generous gifts of nature. When crafting our products, we use natural extracts from these plants: Passionflower, Gotu Kola, Aloe, Green Tea, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root, Gingko Biloba, Silk, Lotus, Lime, Lemon, Lemongrass, Coconut, Vanilla, Bamboo, Jasmine, & Lilies. We use essential oils from:Grapefruit, Mint, Rosemary, Lime, Bergamot, Geranium, Ginger, Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Ylang-ylang, Sweet and Bitter orange, Tangerine, Mandarine and Rose. We’ve also included: Himalayan salt, cane sugar, sweet almonds, palm oil, jojoba oil, walnuts, and coffee beans in the formulation of our products. Some of these ingredients have a soothing effect, and others are for rejuvenation. Bodhi products dissolve negative feelings and emotions, and the stress that we face every day. The exotic aromas transport your spirit and imagination, allowing you to totally unwind. The overall effect of these natural components is a soft, balanced experience for your body and spirit. You can use Bodhi products every day and be completely sure that you’re not harming your body or the environment.

你如何定義天然化妝品?是不是足以使用單詞“天然”的標籤?在今天的世界,有很多產品自稱是“有機”,單憑這個名字是不夠的。 “天然”和“有機”的產品仍然可以結合各種各樣的化學品,其嚴苛的對待你的身體和環境。BODHI產品的基礎是精油和純植物萃取 - 大自然最慷慨的饋贈。我們的產品各具特色,我們使用天然萃取物從這些植物:西番蓮,雷公根,蘆薈,綠茶,黃芩根,銀杏,絲綢,蓮花,酸橙,檸檬,檸檬草,椰子,香草,竹,茉莉,與百合。我們使用精油來自:葡萄柚,薄荷,迷迭香,萊姆,佛手柑,天竺葵,薑,薰衣草,茶樹,檸檬草,依蘭,甜和苦橘子,橘子,柑桔和玫瑰。我們還包括:喜馬拉雅鹽,蔗糖,甜杏仁,棕櫚油,荷荷巴油,核桃,和咖啡豆在我們產品的配方。其中有些成分有舒緩的作用,和其他的活化。BODHI產品溶解消極的情緒和情感,以及我們每天都要面對的壓力。異國情調的香味引導你的精神和想像力,讓您完全放鬆。這些天然成分的總體效果是為您的身體和精神放鬆,你可以每天使用BODHI產品,完全確保你不會傷害你的身體或環境。​

In harmony with nature 與自然的和諧

The earth is green and fertile. It provides us with everything we need for complete health and sustenance. We know to avoid artificial, processed foods, and to instead reach for organic fruits and vegetables, and grain-fed meats.  But… when it comes to cosmetics and skincare, we’re often not as careful as we should be. Our skin absorbs everything that we bombard it with on a daily basis, so we should take care to use natural products when possible.


Banned chemicals 禁用化學品

Why are ingredients in hair care often found in industrial-strength floor cleaning products? Does our skincare really need preservatives derived from petroleum? Absolutely not.  In Bodhi products, parabens, sulphates, and many other unnecessary chemicals are not present – these chemicals deplete our bodies. Take a look at what is inside up your everyday make-up and skincare products – if they are full of synthetic chemicals, how can they help you find harmony?

為什麼護髮品成分經常發現出現工業強度的地板清潔產品?難道我們的護膚品真的需要來自石油的防腐劑嗎?絕對不是。在BODHI產品中,羥基苯甲酸酯,硫酸鹽,和許多其它不必要的化學物質都不存在 - 這些化學品消耗我們的身體。看看您的日常化妝及護膚品裡面是什麼了 - 如果他們都充滿了人工合成化學物質,他們怎麼可以幫你找到和諧呢?​

Stop List 禁止清單

Contrary to standards that are often accepted by the industry, we do not allow any harmful components in our cosmetic products.
Below, we’ve included a list of some of the most common chemicals in cosmetics which are good to avoid. We've also included the effects they can often have on the human body. Usually their presence in the product is indicated on the package, but it is not mandatory.


Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphate 十二烷基/月桂醇硫酸鹽

These substances often referred to as SLS and SLES, are present in 90% of cleaning cosmetics because they are powerful foaming agents. Lauryl or Laureth – are almost indispensable components of shower gels, bath foams, shampoos, hand soaps and toothpastes. The most depressing fact is that that these compounds are also very common in the manufacturing of children's cosmetics. Sodium lauryl sulfate(SLS)is one of the most powerful degreasing agents, and because of this property, it is widely used in the automotive industry for degreasing engines, for washing floors in garages and factories as well as for washing machines – not something you want to put on your face!

這些物質通常被稱為SLS和SLES,存在於90%的清潔化妝品,因為它們是有力的發泡劑。月桂或月桂醇聚醚 - 有沐浴露,沐浴泡沫,洗髮水,洗手液和牙膏的幾乎不可缺少的組成部分。最令人沮喪的事實是,這些化合物,在兒童化妝品的製造很常見的。月桂基硫酸鈉(SLS)是最有力的脫脂劑之一,並且由於這一特性,它被廣泛應用在汽車行業脫脂發動機,用於洗滌地板在車庫和工廠以及用於洗衣機 -你不是想要把你的臉擦上這一些吧!​
It has been proven that 60% of the substances that are applied topically, enter the skin and penetrate the body. As you use shampoos, shower gels and toothpaste, all daily-use products, SLS quickly gets into the human body. It builds up progressively because it is very slowly excreted. The impact of SLS is extremely unfavorable. Superficial skin effects include the destruction of the lipid mantle of the skin, the destruction of hair follicles and hair growth retardation, marked itching, allergies, dermatitis and dryness of the skin. In the research centers, SLS is used to cause skin irritation in experimental animals and volunteers for further treatment by new un-tested drugs. SLS also causes eye irritation, and the accumulation can cause eye diseases as well as cataracts. Penetrating into the body, sodium lauryl sulfate accumulates in the tissues of the brain and the liver, impairing its barrier function. Also, the safety of this carcinogenic substance has not yet been proven scientifically.

它已被證明,局部應用物質的60%,進入皮膚和穿透人體。當您使用的洗髮精,沐浴乳和牙膏,所有日常使用的產品,SLS快速進入人體。它慢慢的積累,因為它代謝非常的緩慢。 SLS的影響是極為不利的。淺層皮膚作用包括皮膚的脂質層的破壞,毛囊和頭髮生長遲緩及破壞,瘙癢,過敏,皮炎和皮膚乾燥。在研究中心,SLS是用來引起皮膚過敏,實驗動物和志願者為了進一步通過新的聯合國治療受試藥物。 SLS還會引起眼刺激,並積累導致眼部疾病以及白內障。滲透到體內,月桂基硫酸鈉積聚在腦和肝的組織中,損害其屏障功能。此外,這種致癌物質的安全性尚未被科學證明。​

Parabens 對烴基苯甲酸酯

The chemical compounds of para-hydroxybenzoic acid are obtained synthetically. There are also other groups of parabens, but in the cosmetic industry the most common are butyl, ethyl, methyl and propyl parabens. Parabens are used as preservatives, blocking the growth of bacterial flora in cosmetic products. They are found in about 85% of cosmetic products. First it was thought that these substances were inert and harmless, but a British study in 2004 suggested possible connections between parabens and breast cancer. Since the tumor tissues revealed high concentrations of parabens, investigations are still going on. Also, parabens have adverse effects on male sex hormones.


Propylene glycol 丙二醇
Propylene Glycol is also derived from petroleum, and often found in high concentrations in cosmetics. Propylene Glycol helps to create a feeling of smoothness of the skin by binding water, but it also violates the normal skin metabolism. In the automotive industry, propylene glycol is the main ingredient in antifreeze and brake fluids. Propylene glycol is a well-known neurotoxin, and is known to cause contact dermatitis, skin rashes and dryness of the skin.
Petroleum jelly and mineral oils 凡士林和礦物油

This is a refined petroleum product – a liquid mixture of carbohydrates that are separate from gasoline. In the trade industry, it is often used as a lubricant and a solvent liquid. Petroleum is widely used in the cosmetic industry as an ingredient, which adds softness and relieving dry skin. However, mineral oils, while not organic compounds, have very harmful effects. They create a water- repellent layer on the skin by forming an oily, plastic film on the surface. The moisture is locked inside, but with this, the dermis loses opportunities to breathe properly, making it difficult for the oxygen supply to get to the skin. This disturbs the natural process of toxin removal and other metabolic processes, so it can cause acne. It also slows down the migration of young cells to the skin surface considerably, making the skin age much faster.

這是一個精製的石油產物 - 碳水化合物相分離汽油的液體混合物。因此在貿易業通常用作潤滑劑和溶劑的液體。石油被廣泛用於化妝品工業的一種成分,這將增加柔軟性和緩解皮膚乾燥。但是,礦物油,不是有機化合物,具有非常嚴重的有害影響。它們通過形成在表面上的油性塑膠薄膜,產生在皮膚上得以阻決水份並鎖住在皮膚裡面,但因此,真皮失去正常呼吸的機會,因此很難將氧氣供給到達皮膚,而擾亂毒素排出和其他代謝過程,因此它可能引發痤瘡,減緩年輕皮膚表面細胞的代謝,從而使皮膚年齡快速老化。​